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Getting Paid In Advance

Getting Paid in Advance shows people who want to eliminate the challenges of collecting fees and how to structure fees and negotiate so they will be paid in advance. This EGuide is written by a 26 year veteran in collecting fees and revenue in advance and collecting fees when they are not paid.



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Writing Winning Federal Proposals

Our E Guide Writing Winning Federal Proposals will help grant writers improve their Federal grant writing to obtain increased federal funding for their agencies and clients’ programs and services.  Co-author James R. Lindsay has been writing federal proposals and teaching grant writing for over thirty years. He and his firm have helped clients and agencies raise over $100 million during his career. He imparts the successful techniques he uses to make sure his grant proposals place among the 10% of federal proposals that are funded.  



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Making $ Writing Grants 

Make $ Writing Grants shows people how to obtain grant writing business  through freelancing, part or full time work or building a consulting firm.  This EGuide is based upon the combined expertise of husband and wife business partners of an over 30 year veteran in the grant writing industry and the 25 year experience of a business woman.


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