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How We Work

The Lindsay Group,LLC. has helped clients raise over $85 million! We serve for profit, nonprofit and government clients. Our goal in working with clients is to take the stress out of fund development. With our fund development work, we assist clients in developing the project or program design by facilitating all planning meetings, preparing budgets, researching, and preparing the full proposals, grant applications, government proposals, bids or contracts. Our fees for this work are based upon the amount of work involved, the complexity of the RFP and the amount of funding. We also research funding sources. We manage the entire process from beginning to completion of the proposal or solicitation.

Proposals, Solicitations, Bids and ContractsTerms

For preparation of documents we require half of the professional fee to be paid upon execution of the contract and the balance of the fee is due at the completion of and delivery of each document. Documents are not released unless the balance of the fee is paid. For other work we require an advance retainer. Costs and expenses are paid by the client. Costs and expenses include but are not limited to, travel, copying, printing, overnight express fees, postage, costs of binders, notebooks, out of town travel, etc. If you need additional information, please contact us at (202) 986-6590.

Our fees for grants, government solicitations, contracts, and bids are quoted on a project-by-project basis and are based upon the complexity of the RFA, RFP, Solicitation, or bid documents.  We will quote a fee after reviewing the Bid, RFP or RFA documents. The range of our fees for government grants, contracts and bids, etc. is $2,500 to $10,000 or more per project. 



Grant Writing Manual "Get in Line and Win A Comprehensive Manual for Grantwriting for All Sources of Revenue"

To be successful in proposal writing follow an approach that has been effective for more than twenty years and has helped clients raise more than $85 million. Designed for those just starting in grantwriting to those who need a new and fresh approach the Manual contains sample foundation and government proposals. (Copyright 2011, all rights reserved.)

Selected for review by the Philanthropi Centro Studi of the University of Bologna, the oldest accredited university in the world!

$25.95 + S & H $3.00 Total $28.95